Ever wondered how to personalize your Upcall call script for each contact that your calling?

For example, what if you are calling your leads and want to be specific about why you are calling them? Instead of having a blank opening statement such as "... you requested more information about our property recently", you could have the caller say something like "... you requested more information about the 188 King St. property last Monday".

Upcall allows you to do exactly that! Here is how to:

1) Add the custom field into your Upcall script, by using double bracket when creating your campaign. Example: [[propertyAddress]]

2) When importing contacts/leads into your campaign, specify the key and the value.

Through the API, you can use the "custom_fields" field: 

Using Zapier, you can use the "Custom Fields" property when using Upcall as an Action:

And... that's it! The field will automatically be replaced in your script and the caller will see it.

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