Let’s begin!

Step 1: Log into your Zapier account or create your Zapier account here. Please note that you must verify your email address before you set up your first Zap.

Step 2: Select “MAKE A ZAP!”

Step 3: Name your Zapier “UPCALL QUALIFIED”. Next, select “Email Parser” from the Built-in Apps.

Step 4: Select the link ‘https://parser.zapier.com/.’ on the right.

Step 5: After selecting the link, you will end up here. Select, “Log in with your Zapier account”.

Step 6: Select, “Authorize”.

Step 7: Select, “Create Mailbox”.

Step 8: Send an Upcall Qualified Lead Email Notification to the ‘@robot.zapier.com’ email Zapier has provided you right above the “Refresh page to look for new email.” button.

Step 9: After you send the Upcall Qualified Lead Email Notification to the email address provided, select “Refresh page to look for new email.”


Step 10: After refreshing, the email template should appear. Next, highlight the content within the body of the email you want Zapier to focus on, including the leads first name, last name, phone, and email, and then name each field. Once you have named the content, it will change from pink to yellow. Save & Continue!

See here - the content has been named and is now highlighted yellow.

Step 11: Please go back to this page and refresh. Connect your Zapier Email Parser Account and then select, “Continue”.

Step 12: The custom email ‘@robor.zapier.com’ that previously appeared at step 8 should appear here as well. Select, “Continue”. Note: if you are not seeing this custom email, try selecting “refresh” or by clicking the empty email field.

Step 14: Please select, “Test this Step”.

Step 15: We can now move onto the ‘ACTION’. Select the field below the “2. Set up this step” header. 

Now, search for Follow Up Boss and then select the App.


Step 16: Select the second option, “Create or Update Contact Without Triggering Action Plans”. To put simply, this option is for current leads versus new leads.

Step 17: Connect your Follow Up Boss Account by selecting, “Connect an Account”.  

Step 18: Add fields (Parse Output Firstname) (Parse Output lastname) (Pare Output Email) and (Pare Output Phone) to give FUB as much information as possible to find the lead.

**To add fields, select the plus icon shown on the right.

Step 19: This step is optional: Please scroll down on the ‘Edit Template’ page. If your drip campaigns are curently set up within your Follow Up Boss to discontinue once a lead replies, select “yes”, if the drip campaign will continue regardless then this will not matter and feel free to continue on to the next step :)  

Step 20: Add the tag “QUALIFIED”. Then select, “Continue”. 

Step 21: Select “Test this Step”. 

Step 22: Once your test is complete, you will be taken to this page. Toggle your Zap ON. 

Step 23: Your Zap is now live!  


We are here for you! 

If at any point you need assistance our Client Success Team is more than happy to help! Let us know by clicking on the live chat icon at the bottom right of your screen or email us directly at support@upcall.com.

Thank you!

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