Where to set up bonuses on campaigns:

  • For new campaigns: From your dashboard, click on your campaign draft, then click on the Script/Instructions card
  • For active campaigns: From your dashboard, click on your campaign card, then click on your Settings, then click on the Script/Instructions card

How to create bonus-based questions:

1 -  Write your question and select your question-type by clicking on the icon "Checkboxes, Unique, Rate, Email, etc", 

2 - Check the box to indicate that you want that question to be a bonus-based question

3 - Set your bonus amount

  • You can choose to make any of your questions a bonus-based question. 
  • Email-type questions and Appointments are bonus-based questions by default and requires a minimum bonus amount.

How to choose the right bonus rate for your campaign and your industry? 

  • Consider who you are calling. Is it the business owner, a C-level executive, or a potential customer? Do people usually pick up the phone on the first try? Are there gate-keepers to persuade? The harder it is to reach someone, the higher the reward should be for a successful call.
  • Think about the industry you're working in. Is it typical to get a sale 50% of time or do you have to reach out to several people before you get a potential bite. Compensating the Upcaller with a higher bonus when they are calling in difficult industry will help encourage them to stick with your campaign longer.

Our Team is here to help and guide you to choose and set the right bonus. Feel free to reach out anytime!

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