How to Construct a winning call script:

First and foremost, it is important to keep it simple. Whether it is a cold call campaign or a survey of your best and most loyal customers, having a simple and straightforward script is the only way to increase success.

Having a straightforward script reduces confusion and lessens the chances of your caller sounding unnatural.

Keys to a straightforward script:

  • Have a clear goal. "I need you (the caller) to set appointments in this specific time range for this specific reason"
  • Only ask necessary questions. If you ask too many questions then your lead could lose interest and you won't get sincere answers. You want to avoid your leads simply going through the motions just so the call will end. If you need any email, ask for an email, if you need to know revenue, ask for revenue. If you don't need to know or can cover it later, do not ask about it.
  • Provide a concise pitch. Your callers do not need to know every possible detail about your service and company. They need to know what makes your company special in 2 sentences. How can you sell your service by saying as little as possible. If you want the caller to be more prepared, provide a link to training documentation in your script. Do not write a long explanation of your business in the script itself.

Best Practices:

  • Good introduction: Give a clear reason for the call. Don not ask if they “have a minute?”. Asking questions without first grabbing attention is a sure fire way to get a quick hang up
  • Create a value proposition beyond “we do X and here is how”: Appeal to the prospects needs. Use familiar language, anticipate their issues, and provide an explanation of the solution, once the caller is hooked THEY will ask how it works.
  • Build Rapport: Research their city/create a connection. Encourage your callers to create a personal connection. This can increase conversions. But be careful. It is a balancing act between building rapport and wasting your lead's time.

Wrapping it up:

Keeping your calls quick, to the point, and decisive is important. Do not confront your leads with multiple decisions. Give direct a direct yes or no option at the end of your call. Examples of good endings for calls:

"So what date and time can we put down for your demo?"

"We will need to do some follow up after this call, what is the best email for you?"

"I just need a phone number and email of the (decision maker) so our team can get you the info you need"

Final Note:

Remember to trust your callers. Our callers have at least 2 years experience in telesales and outbound calling. Allow them room to improvise and add their own personality to the call. If they are shackled to a demanding script they will not sound or feel as comfortable on the call as they can.

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