Add your leads to Upcall using Zapier, connecting your Google account, or use Email Forwarding. Below you will find video tutorials that will walk you through setting up each lead source.

Zapier is an extremely powerful third party tool that connects 1000s of apps by pushing and pulling data between them. You can use Zapier to send leads to Upcall and retrieve the results of the calls as well.

Connect Your Google Account
If you get email notifications from sources like Facebook, Zillow, or any other place where you have an ad, Upcall can scan those emails and automatically add your leads to Upcall. We'll grab all the necessary information and call the lead within minutes. All you have to do is tell us which emails we should be looking for.

Setup Email Forwarding
You can also forward your email notifications to your unique Upcall inbox. This works best for those who receive email notifications when they have new leads but don't have a Gmail account. When a new email is forwarded to your Upcall inbox, we'll scan it, pull out the lead's information, and call them for you.

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