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  2. You should be taken to your dashboard which lists all your campaigns. If you're not, click on Campaigns from the left navigation panel.

Across the top of the results page, you'll see the below image. This is your progress bar. Each campaign has one that displays metrics for that campaign. Click on any group to filter the list to see only the contacts within that group.

The total number of contacts that have been added to this campaign.

The number of people we have spoken to and that have answered all your questions. Some may be good leads, others may not not meet your criteria for good leads. Either way, we list them as opportunities as you should now have enough information to further prioritize how you'd like to follow up. 

If any appointments were set with a contact, you'll find them in the Opportunities group as well.

The number of contacts that need to be called for the first time. These are new contacts that are in the queue waiting for us to call.

The number of contacts that we have called at least one time, but have yet to speak with.

We tried to call them up to the maximum number of attempts, but these contacts never answered the phone.

Phone numbers that were incomplete or incorrectly formatted. This also includes numbers that are out of service.

Not Interested
We spoke to the contact and they indicated that they were not interested in the offering.

Click on any contact to view their call history and answers they provided to your questions.

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