Choose to show a local caller ID phone number or your own phone number when we dial your leads. 

Local Presence Caller ID

Increase your pick-up rate by choosing a Caller ID that automatically matches your customer's local area. No matter where your US callers are based, you can make it feel like they are local!

Picture This

Your office is in Los Angeles but most of your prospects in your contact list are based in different locations all over the US.

With Local presence caller ID, the caller ID your prospects see on their screen matches the area code linked to their phone number!

So even if your contact is from Flamington, IL, they will see this:

The Local Presence Caller ID is for you if:

  • You have an audience living in various areas across the country
  • You have a unique script campaign regardless of the localization of your target!
  • You want to give a local feel when you reach out to your contact!
  • You care about your ROI and want to increase the pick-up rate!

You can turn on Local Presence Caller ID in the Settings menu of you campaign.

Set up Local Presence Caller ID

Go to your settings

Click on Others, then Caller Id

Select Use Upcall Caller ID

Use Your Own Caller ID

You can also choose to show your company's phone number to a lead when we call them. Follow the directions below to set this up.

Click on your email in the upper right corner. Click on Settings.

Click on Others.

Click on Verify a New Caller ID to set up a new phone number.

Enter your phone number. The extension is optional. Click Verify Number when you are done with these two fields.

You will receive a phone call from Upcall. It is a recorded message that will provide you with a Confirmation Code. Enter the confirmation code, then click save.

Reuse a Verified Number

If you want to reuse a company phone number that has been verified, click on Reuse a verified number. Then just select a number from the list that pops up.

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