Dynamic fields allow you to customize your script and adapt it for each lead you speak with. For example, you could adapt the following based on the city of each lead you have: 

How's the weather in [[ContactCity]] ?

If the lead lives in Orlando, the script would read: 

How's the weather in Orlando?

The [[ContactCity]] would change for each lead depending on the data you provide for that specific field for each lead.

You may insert customer tags in any of the following parts of your campaign script: 

  • Reason for the call
  • Questions
  • Answer options for your questions
  • Closing Statement
  • Voicemail

All custom fields must be placed inside of [[ ]].

Below is a list of the custom fields which are currently built into Upcall. The format is case sensitive. No spaces can be used. The first letter of each word in your field should be capitalized.


You can also create your own dynamic fields. Just make sure to follow the correct format:

  • No spaces
  • Field names are case sensitive

All of the following are correct formats:

Here's an example of how to use these dynamic fields.

Hi, is this [[ContactFirstName]]? 

I am just calling to follow-up with you about the listing you saw on [[ContactSource]] at [[ContactAddress]]. 

Do you still need a [[amenity]]?

Here's how it would look with the data filled in. 

Hi, is this John?

I am just calling to follow-up with you about the listing you saw on Zillow at 123 Main St, Orlando, FL. 

Do you still need a wrap-around porch?

See also, How to insert custom tags into your script using Zapier or an API.

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