When logged in to your dashboard click on the Call Outcomes tab. Here you can find a call by call breakdown of your campaign, including call notes, recordings, and the ability to filter and export specific outcomes.

What do the Call Outcomes mean?

  • Call Back: This lead answered the call but did not meet your goal, however, they are interested in you calling them back. UpCallers will have left their number for you to follow up.
  • Do Not Call: On Import you can choose to scrub your list for DNC contacts. If anyone is on the Do Not Call list, they will be marked with this outcome.
  • No Answer: This one is simple, the call was not answered. Our callers will try back later.
  • Goal Reached: Hooray! This is a hot prospect. This means our UpCaller successfully reached your goal (appointment, lead qualified, survey completed, etc). Be sure to add bonus for successful calls.
  • Untried: Our callers will get to this one as they continue to work the list.
  • Voicemail: Our caller left a voicemail. Be sure to provide a VM script in the additional instructions section of the script on your campaign.
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