All you'll need to do, is get your Custom Upcall Email and add that email address as a forwarding address within your gmail account.
Please follow these detailed instructions:

Part 1

How to add a forwarding address:

Step 1:  Log into your gmail that's associated with your HUD new lead notifications (emails).

Step 2: Select the "Setting" gear wheel towards the upper right of the screen and then select "Settings" that populates below. 

Step 3: Then, select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" and then "add a forwarding address."

Step 4: Add in your custom Upcall email address.  You can obtain this from your Client Success Advisor.  

Step 5: Email forwarding will need to be confirmed within our backend prior to us being able to receive any forwarded new lead notifications.  Reach out to your Client Success Advisor to help accomplish this.

Part 2

Creating a filter:  

Step 1: Go back to the "Setting" wheel, choose "Settings," and then we'll select "Filters and Blocked Addresses."

Step 2:  Select, "Create a new filter." 

Step 3: There will need to be a filter created for each from address that the HUD emails come from.  The from addresses we normally see from HUD are: 

email:  subject: Buyer Contact Request
email: subject: Buyer Contact Request
email: subject: Buyer Contact Request
email: subject: Buyer Contact Request

Sometimes we see a from address specific to a state, for example: 

Since we occasionally find new ones, we recommend safe guarding ourselves from missing a lead and create a filter for all of the above and of course, any that you may have received a lead from that isn't on the above list. 

Follow the steps below to create a filter.  The process will be the same for each of the from address below:

Make sure to add in the from address and the subject, once that's added in select, "Create filter with this search."

Step 4: After you've created a filter with this search, you'll want to match the image below for creating a folder.  This will allow you to view all of the leads that have been forwarded to Upcall within a folder in your gmail! Keeps things organized :)

After you've created the filter, then you'll want to do it for the remainder of the from addresses above and any that we may not have in the list above. 

Step 5: After you've created that filter, you'll be brought back to the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab.  From here, "create a new filter" for the remainder of the from addresses you've received a lead from.

Step 6: Create a filter for each of these other from addresses with the subject of each being "Buyer Contact Request": 

Make sure to double check to see if you have any other from addresses or subjects that aren't listed above, and create a filter with those.

After you've created a filter for each, we're good to go! We'll be receiving all of your leads moving forward and you'll be able to find them in your "Upcall" folder. 

Let’s test it out!

Once you have added the Upcall email to your source, feel free to test it out by submitting a lead through your website/landing page. Please use your first and last name, so that we can know that it's a test lead. 

If you see your test lead appear in your U dashboard, that would indicate that the lead has entered our system successfully!

We are here for you! 

If at any point you need assistance, our Client Success Team is happy to help! You can reach us easily by clicking on the live chat icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email us directly at

Thank you!

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