Campaigners expect the very best Upcallers when they launch their campaigns. They are trusting that the Upcallers who call for them are experienced and will represent their company in the best possible light. 

To this end, we have designed a rating system that will help showcase just how good our Upcallers are. Here's how it works: 

  • Campaigners are able to listen to a call and rate it thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • They are then able to select from a list of attributes that would best describe the reason why they rated the call a thumbs up or thumbs down. Here's what they are listening for: Tone, Product Knowledge, Personable, Professional, Persistent, Script Adherence, Communication, Resourceful, Objection Handling, Active Listening
  • They can also leave feedback regarding what you did well or advice on what you can improve. 
  • Lastly, the Campaigner can leave you a tip for every call they review.

Calculating your ratings
Since we use a thumbs up/thumb down rating system, we display your rating as a percentage of thumbs up ratings. Your rating is calculated by taking the total number of thumbs up ratings and dividing it by the total number of ratings. 

So, let's say you worked on 2 campaigns. You received 5 ratings for Campaign A and 4 of those ratings were thumbs up and one was thumbs down. You received 3 ratings for Campaign B and all three of those ratings were thumbs up.

Your rating would be 7 total thumbs up divided by 8 total ratings. Giving you an average rating of 87.5% thumbs up.

All your old star ratings will be retroactively calculated as such: 

  • below a 4 = thumbs down. 
  • 4 and 5 = thumbs up!

Is there a minimum rating?
No. However, Campaigners are able to see your ratings when they review your profile. If they think your rating is low, they may not approve you to call on their campaigns. So, it's important to make every call count as you never know which one will be rated and added to your average score.  

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