Amy made her first call on Upcall on January 3, 2017 at 8:19 am. From the first word she was undeniably pleasant. Though this list was tough, Amy pushed through it. Most of the calls went to voicemail, and wrong numbers, or people who just weren't interested in what he Campaigner was selling. It took a few hundred calls, but eventually, Amy logged her first successful call with an interested lead on January 16, 2017 11:53 am. 

Since then, Amy has been a top Upcaller. She's worked on campaigns within industries like telecommunications, marketing, health, and so many more. But, Upcall is just a small slice of her life. 

Her day starts at 4 am when she takes her 1 year old chihuahua, Princess, for a walk. Princess came into Amy's life about 6 months ago. Amy found her running up and down the street "like a crazy puppy" as Amy describes.

"I never thought I'd be a dog owner at this point in my life, but I couldn't see myself without her now."

Being caring and helpful is something that is just a part of who Amy is. It's no surprise that Amy has such a soft spot. She looked up to her best friend most in life. 

"He had a heart as big as a mountain"

Clearly, Princess is an example of just how big Amy's heart is too. And big hearts usually come with big dreams. Check out Amy's vision board below.

"There is a Chrysler 300 on there, that is hopefully my next car. I'd love to own my own home with a pool, it could definitely look like the one in the photo. I will be having piles of hundred dollar bills. I intend to go on tropical vacations. Some day, I will meet my soulmate. I enjoy fresh foods to stay healthy. You can't do any of this without faith in God and gratitude for the people and things you already have in your life."

With a vision board like this, it's no wonder Amy puts up stats like the following:

  • 25000+ calls on 105 campaigns. HOLY TOLEDO!

She's calling for a reason and it's lead to her gaining a lot of experience. If you happen to see her on chat, you'd be wise to hit her up and pick her brain about what it takes to be successful. 

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Happy calling! 

The Upcall Team

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