1. Log into your Upcaller account and click on My Campaigns at the top of the page.

You should now be on a page that displays all the campaigns you're currently approved to call on or listed as a pending Upcaller awaiting approval from the Campaigner. 

2. Find the campaign you'd like to work on and click the blue Call now button. 

*PRO-TIP: Sort your campaigns by status to see the ones that are active. 

The numbers in ( ) show you how many contacts are available to call. Don't let a low number scare you away from a campaign. 

You may also see a message like "Will be back soon". This just means that there aren't currently any numbers to call. Check back often as new contacts will open up frequently. 

3. Click on the green Start calling now button. This will take you to the call page - don't worry, the system won’t dialed anyone yet. You'll still have a chance to look over the campaign/contact info before making your first call.

4. Read the instructions for the campaign. This panel is located in the left column of the page. You may need to expand it to view the instructions for the campaign.

5. Read the script and familiarize yourself with the questions you may need to ask. Keep in mind that not all questions will need to be asked. You may be skipped to a different question depending on how a previous question is answered. This is called a logic jump. 

6. When you're ready to start calling, click Start session in the red bar at the top of the page. 

By clicking Start Session, you're telling the system that you're ready. The time you are paid for commences when you start your session. You are paid for all the time that you log for each session. This includes time between calls. You may start and end as many sessions as you like each day.

7. Once you start your session, you’ll see the contact’s information on the left of the screen. The Dialer will also start calling the contact automatically. If it doesn’t, click the green Call button to dial.

8. When someone answers, read the script and ask the questions as appropriate. We’ll learn more about scripts in another module.

9. Make sure to select the correct dispositions BEFORE hanging up. Doing this in the wrong order may cause issues saving the results of the call and could impact your pay. 

10. End your call by clicking the hang up button. DISPOSITION THE CALL FIRST. You must also end the call even if the person you’re speaking with (the contact) ends the call. Just because they hang up, doesn’t mean you’re disconnected from the call. You’ll need to hang up and then initiate a new call.

Take notes on the important stuff. 

You can take notes for any question by clicking on the +Add Note button in the upper right corner of each question. Adding notes to a call won't count as a bonus earned, but the Campaigner may choose to tip you because of how good your notes are.

Keep your notes clear and concise though. Campaigners don’t have time to read a huge paragraph. Wrap up all your notes before ending the call. You won’t have enough time between calls to update notes.

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