You can keep this page open to refer back to during the test. It's open book!

Let's start by going over the links at the top of the page. 

From left to right: 

This link will bring you back to your dashboard. This page allows you to see things like your earnings, ratings, and leaderboard information.

My Campaigns
All the campaigns you are approved to call on will be listed here. You can even search for new campaigns to join from this page. Remember to sort by Status to help you find the campaigns you can call on faster.

My Profile
Edit your profile here. You can update your professional statement. This statement is included in the email notification Campaigners get when you apply to their campaigns. Feel free to update this as often as you like. 

Upcaller Chat
Here you'll find all your messages from other Upcallers. There is even a chat room designed specifically for Upcallers to get to know each other and share advice.

This will take you to our Help Center where you can see an FAQ or read useful articles like this one. Most of your questions can be answered here. Make sure to read through the Help Center before reaching out to Support. 

Notification Bell
This bell will show you how many new notifications you have. You will get notifications for a variety of things such as when you're approved to join a new campaign, if you receive a new rating/feedback from a Campaigner, anytime you receive a new chat message, etc. Keep an eye on this bell and make sure to check it often so you don't miss anything important. 

Your Email
Click on this will display a drop-down menu. You'll be able to see your account information, profile, or log out. 


This widget allows you to see your earnings. It can be filtered by campaign or you can view all your earnings for all your campaigns at once. You can choose to see a graph of your earnings over time as well. 

To the right, you'll see a breakdown of your earnings by base pay (minutes), bonuses, and tips. 

The large Start calling now button will take you to your campaigns. Click on it when you're ready to choose a campaign to work on. 

Below the Start calling now button you'll see your pending and available balance. To read more on getting paid, check out the article titled: Getting Started: Base pay, bonuses & tips.

The amount listed under Ready for payment is how much is available for you to cash our through PayPal right away. 

Campaigner Feedback

Further down the page, you can see recent feedback from Campaigners. 

Upcall Leaderboard

Here you can see who is atop the leaderboard. Currently, we rank the leaderboard based on who has made the most phone calls and who has reached the most goals. It's best to focus on how often you can get a live person on the phone and convert them based on the campaign's objectives. You'll earn more money this way and get much better reviews from Campaigners than if you just focused on dialing the most numbers. 

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