It does not cost anything to sign up or use Upcall as an Upcaller. Below, we'll describe how you get paid.

We pay you via PayPal. You must have at least $100 available in your Upcall balance before you can cash out. You may cash out any day of the week, but there is a limit to 1 withdrawal per 7 calendar days.

Per hour
Upcallers are paid $12 per hour. We pay for all session times, this includes time between calls. When you're ready to call, click Start Session. When you're done or just want to take a break, End Session. You can have as many sessions in a day as you like. There is no minimum or maximum length for a session. 

You'll be able to see the amount of the bonus for each campaign before joining it. Bonuses are paid out 168 hours after the bonus was earned (7 X 24 hours). So, if you earned a bonus on a call made at 1 pm on Monday, the bonus will be available to withdraw on 1 pm the following Monday. 

You should see the bonus amount added to you pending balance within 24 hours of it being earned. If you don't see the bonus within a day, fill out the Support form so we can look into it. Don't wait 7 days to let us know a bonus isn't showing up in the pending balance. We can't adjust it after 7 days.

If you do see the bonus amount in your pending balance, but after 168 hours it still hasn't moved to your available balance, also fill out the Support form so we can look into it. 

This gives the Campaigner time to review any earned bonuses. If they believe you didn't correctly earn the bonuses they can dispute it, otherwise it will be made available to you after 7 calendar days. 

The bonuses you will earn is displayed next to the question you can earn a bonus for. You earn 100% of the bonus amount displayed. Upcall charges the Campaigner an additional amount per bonus paid out. We do this to ensure we're never taking money from the callers and only charging the Campaigners. 

Bonuses are only earned when the following steps are completed and saved correctly:

  • You correctly fill out all the information requested
  • You see a green checkmark next to the questions you answered. This indicates that the answer has been saved. You'll also see a green notification in the bottom right of the screen letting you know it's been saved.
  • You correctly disposition the call. Make sure this is done at the end of the call. This must be the last step as it tells our system you're done with the call. Any information entered after the call is disposition may not be saved properly and you might not earn a bonus for the call.

You may also receive a tip from the Campaigner. You could earn a tip if they listened to the recorded call and were impressed that you had such a happy conversation with the customer or you added a lot of extra information in the notes that were very helpful. Whatever the case may be, these tips are made available to you to cash out immediately.

Tips are at the sole discretion of the Campaigner. Upcall does not have control over how, when, or if tips are paid. Upcall does not take a share of your tips, they are 100% yours.

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