The more badges your earn, the more calling opportunities will open up to you. 

We use a company called Quizworks Easy LMS to build the modules you'll need to completed to earn badges. You'll need to create a free account on their site as well by registering your email address and creating a password.

Please use the same email address that you use on Upcall. This helps us understand which profile to attach your earned badges to. You do not need to use the same password.

Here's how to earn your badge: 

  1. Click on a badge below, you'll be taken to Quizworks Easy LMS
  2. If you've haven't created an account with Easy LMS before, enter the email you use for Upcall and create a password 
  3. If you have created an account with Easy LMS before, simply sign in. 
  4. Read through the modules
  5. Complete the knowledge checks

That's it! Your badge will be added to your profile automatically. You won't see them on your profile just yet - we're still building that page - but our system will know you've earned the badge. 

When you have earned all badges required to join a call queue, you'll see the option to start calling when you click on the queue.

Below is the list of badges you can earn.  

(Get these badges first. All call queues require these Beginner badges before you can make calls)
Upcall Basics
Making Calls
Call Etiquette
Taking Notes
Lead Qualification Level 1

Additional badges required for the Advanced call queue.
Work on these badges after you have earned the Advanced badge.
Lead Qualification Level 2
Cold Calling Techniques
Setting Appointments
Real Estate Basics
How to Qualify a Real Estate Lead

Spanish Proficiency (optional)

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