Upcall allows you to work on outbound call campaigns. You are paid on the time you spend on a call campaign you decide to join, so it's very flexible, you work on your own time.

In order to join Upcall, do the following:

  1. Go to www.upcallers.com and click on Apply Now.
  2. Fill out your contact information and set a password for your account. 
  3. Submit a recording to ensure your system is compatible with the Upcall calling platform.
  4. We'll call you within 2 business days to complete a short, 10 minute interview
  5. Our team will review your interview and the recording you submit. If you're a good fit for Upcall, you'll receive an email letting you know you've been approved!

If you don't hear back from us after completing your phone interview, don't worry. That doesn't necessarily mean you've been rejected. It just means you haven't been approved yet. 

We never reject candidates. We approved the ones who are the best fit and more experienced first. If we need more callers, we'll look at more applications and approve them based. 

We want to make sure we have enough leads for everyone to call, so we don't want to approve too many callers at once. Your application will stay on file with us and be reviewed regularly when needed.

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