The Dialer

The dialer is where you’ll have all your call controls like: mute, hang up, and the dial pad

Let’s look at these three functions (from left to right): 


This button will mute your side of the audio. The contact won’t be able to hear you. 


Not Muted

Dial Pad

This button will bring up a dial pad. It works just like a phone keypad would. Use it to navigate an IVR, enter a specific phone extension, and event enter letters for a name.

End call

This button will end the call. It’s best to disposition your call before hanging up. 


Once you hang up, you’ll see a green Call next button. You’ll also notice there’s a countdown in a slightly darker green bubble next to the Call next text.

This countdown tells you how much time is left before you are logged out of your session. To continue to dial the next contact, click the Call next button. 

If you don’t click the Call next button before time runs out, you will be logged out of your session. You can easily start a new session by clicking the Start session button. 

Call History

You can view the call history for each contact by expanding the Call history tab. It’s located directly under the dialer.

When the arrow points down, it means the call history is hidden. Click the arrow to expand it.

When the arrow points up, click the arrow to hide the call history.

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