It's normal for people to want to turn you down when you first speak with them. Why wouldn't they? You're an unknown caller and somehow thought it'd be okay to call them during their busy day to sell them something they may or may not need.

Well, when we put it like that it almost seems pointless to call anyone. But fear not! This article has some great advice about how to keep the conversation going. 

Add "yet"
When you hear "I'm not interested", in your head, think "I'm not interested... YET!" I know, sounds silly, but it's a great way to think about that initial hesitation to your sales pitch. The lead just hasn't heard anything that would compel them to listen more. This is a great time to ask them follow up questions.

Don't Pitch... find the itch
Ask probing questions to determine where their pain points are. Business owners/managers love to talk about their business. The more you learn about their what problems their trying to solve, the better you can convince them that you may have the solution.

This isn't the time start listing out all the great features of your product/service. This is the time to listen and let them tell you what benefits they are looking for.

Here are some common objections and some responses you can use to help you keep the conversation going. 

I'm not interested

  • "My purpose isn't to sell you anything - right now anyway. I'd really just like a chance to learn more about your business and open a dialog around how we may be able to help you in the future when you're ready. Is there a time this week or next for us to speak longer?"
  • "I can understand that. I'm wondering though if i might be able to send you some material that you can react to and then I can follow up and see if there's some way that we might be able to establish a meeting. Does that sound like it might be acceptable to you?"

I don't have time right now

  • "Could I send him an email to look over? I can call back in a week or so to see if he has any questions. Is that ok?"

I'm happy with my current supplier

  • "I can understand that you're happy with your current service. How would you feel about us keeping in touch as we provide useful updates to the companies that are a good fit for [insert product name]?."
  • "That's fine, Mr. Client. In the event that something changes with your current service/supplier, I'd love to keep my hat in the game? What would need to change in order for us to be a consideration for you?"
  • "How often or when will you next evaluate your current product? Under what circumstances would you consider switching?"

She doesn't take sales calls

  • "Not a problem, actually, maybe you can help me out. Who in your organization handles decisions related to [insert product]"
  • "I was actually just calling to follow-up on the material I sent her. I wanted to make sure I answered the questions she had."

Just send me some info

  • "I'd be happy to. So that the information is more tailored to your business needs, do you mind answering a few questions for me?"

What is this regarding?

  • "I want to ask him a few questions to determine how big of a concern this is for him and see if it would be worth it for us to speak further"

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