We'll keep a running list of all the badges you can earn on this page. Each badge will have a description, directions on how to earn it, and the rewards you'll get when you have it.

Some badges will be earned depending on things like how successful you are on your calls, others will be earned once you've read some material and passed a short knowledge check. 

You may be asked to create an account when you first visit the modules page. This is because we use a third party company to help us create the modules and quizzes. You are creating an account on their site. When a badge is earned, they send us the info so that we can update the correct Upcaller account with the new badges.

Please use the same email address that you use on Upcall. This helps us understand which profile to attach your earned badges to. You do not need to use the same password.

Here's where to start: 

  1. Once you're approved as an Upcaller, you'll need to complete the Onboarding, Learners Permit, and Appointment Setter modules.
  2. Once those badges update on your profile (usually takes about 1 day), you'll start being matched to campaigns. You'll receive an email for each campaign you're able to start calling for. 

Coming soon

Appointment Setter

Live badges

Onboarding (required by all campaigns)
These modules will walk you through the ins and outs of the Upcall platform. We'll discuss everything from navigating the site to getting paid. Every Upcaller is required to have this badge in order to make calls. 

Even if you are already approved as an Upcaller or have been making calls for some time, you will still need to complete this. Since there have been many updates to the platform over the past few months, we just want to make sure everyone gets a refresher.

Follow the link above. After completing each module and passing each knowledge check with a score of 100%, you'll earn the Onboarding badge. 

Unlocks the following

  • Access to the campaign titled Help New & Potential Upcallers with Onboarding. Learn more about this campaign here. If you're already an approved Upcaller and are working on other campaigns, you won't have access to this campaign, but you'll still need the badge as it shows that you understand how to use the platform and should have access to other campaigns. 

Length: 20-30 minutes

Learners Permit (required by all campaigns)
This badge will show you several video tutorials. Each video focuses on a specific part of the sales conversation. You'll learn how to get someone's attention from the start of the call all the way to the end where you ask for the sale. 

Follow the link above. After completing each module and passing each knowledge check with a score of 100%, you'll earn the Learners Permit badge.

Unlocks the following: 

  • You'll graduate from the Help New & Potential Upcallers with Onboarding campaign
  • You'll gain access to other campaigns on the platform that requires the Learners Permit

Appointment Setter (required by all campaigns)
Appointment setting is one of the highest paying bonuses on Upcall. Learn how to properly use the Upcall calendar to set appointments. Understand what criteria must be met in order for an appointment to count.

Unlocks the following:

  • Access to campaigns that require the Appointment Setter badge

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification campaigns are designed to follow-up with prospects who have shown some degree of interested in a company's product or service. The goal is to reach out to each prospect and ask them a series of questions that helps determine if they are the right fit.

Follow the link above. After completing each module and passing each knowledge check with a score of 100%, you'll earn the Lead Qualification badge.

Unlocks the following: 

  • Access to campaigns that require the Lead Qualification badge
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