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Click My Campaigns

Choose the campaign you wish to work on by clicking the blue Call Now button next to it. You'll be taken to the campaign's call page.

You should be taken to the company page for the Campaigner you're calling for. This page allows you to learn a bit about their company in case a contact asks for details. 

Click the green Start calling button

Review the campaign instructions (right column under the call notes). You may need to expand it to see all the details.

Review the script and questions (middle column)

The left column remains empty until you start dialing. The contact's profile info will show in the left column when you start dialing.

When you're ready to call, click Start session to begin your session. The dialer will dial your first contact. You'll notice that a timer begins to log the duration of your session. You are paid for the entire time you are logged into a session. This includes time between calls.

Allow access to your microphone if prompted.

Once your session has started, it will automatically dial the first contact for you. 

While on the call, use the buttons within the script to answer questions and move on to the next section of each script.

At the end of your call, hang up. You will have 5 seconds to click the green call button. You can see a countdown within the button.

If you don't do this within 5 seconds, your session will be ended. You can start a new session by clicking Start Session.

You can see your current session info in the red bar at the top of the page.

Certain dispositions (like Alternative Phone for example) will prompt you to input new information within the form. Enter all required information into the fields that show up.

Save your answers when done. 

Ending your session & taking breaks
If you would like to take a break or switch to a new campaign you must end your session. Remember, you can have as many sessions in a day as you need. 

When you're ready to start calling again, just follow the instructions above to choose your campaign and start a new session. If you didn't leave the campaign when you ended your previous session, you won't need to select the campaign to start calling. You can simply start your session and begin dialing.

Taking notes
Make sure you take down all necessary notes while on the call with a contact. You shouldn't be writing things down after the call. That's not the best way to ensure your notes are accurate. 

There should be minimal note-taking on calls as most information that is necessary will be answered within the script.

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