The Upcaller accuracy score is a score that represents how accurately you are at putting information into the platform. The accuracy score is calculated as a percentage of the answers you correctly submit versus all the answers you submitted. 

Upcall has a team that reviews calls and verifies the accuracy of the information you collect for each call. Here are just some of what we score: each answer you write down, the notes you submit, and the call dispositions you choose. 

These scores aren't published to your profile just yet. We are working on that. You'll be able to see your scores soon. 

In the meantime, it's best to be extra careful and double-check your work to ensure you're submitting accurate info. 

Adding notes
If the answer options the Campaigner created for you don't accurately reflect the answer the contact gave to you, use the notes to clarify the answer provided to you. This will help ensure your answer isn't marked wrong.

Here’s an example:
Upcaller: “Do you have a waitlist?”
The answer options the campaigner created are: “Yes” or “No”

Contact: “It depends on the program you’re interested in. Some have waitlists, others don’t”

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as yes or no but those are the only options you’re given. In a situation like this, use your best judgement to pick “Yes” or “No” and then add a note to this question to better explain the answer the contact provided to you.

It's especially important to include notes when the answer option you select is "Other". The Campaigner will need to know what this answer really is so they can decide whether or not to take action. If they see the same "Other" answer often enough, they may decide to add that answer option to the answer form.

Keep your notes clear and concise though. Campaigners don’t have time to read a huge paragraph. Avoid using shorthand or abbreviations as not everyone understands them. 

Wrap up all your notes before ending the call. You won’t have enough time between calls to update notes.

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