Tabatha join Upcall in August of this year. She's one of the newest Upcallers to join and already she has amassed an impressive 2012 calls. What even more impressive is that she's done this all while balancing running her own business, fostering animals, and a myriad of outdoor hobbies!

To understand what drives Tabatha you need look no further than her biggest influence: Mom. 

"My mother immigrated from Costa Rica to the USA, did not know a word of English put me in school and we actually learned English together. Whatever I would learn in pre-school/kindergarten I would come home and teach her. She has alway been very hardworking and has provided for me while being a single mother. she inspired me to work hard as well."

Clearly hard work doesn't skip a generation. Tabatha runs her own travel agency and does order processing/customer service for a telecommunication company. That already sounds like a full plate, but outside of work, she also has a grand love of animals.

Tabatha has a 12 year old yorkie and 2 year old cat. She adopted the cat just 1 year ago.

She also fosters cats the local animal shelter and also volunteer at the Center for Food Action. 

When she's not helping people travel the world or saving adorable animals, Tabatha keeps busy on the weekend with yoga, hiking, biking, kayaking, and some Netfilx binge watching. 

Congratulations on being October's Upcaller of the Month, Tabatha!

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