Below is a list of all the categories we score for each of your calls. If you're scoring above 90% in each category below, you're well on your way to having a create phone call and representing our Campaigners well.

The categories are based on a mix of what is needed for each type of product/service Upcall offers as well as feedback we've come across from Campaigners. They have told us what is most important to them on each call.

This is the most important category next to the notes you provide about a call. Any information you enter into the system must be 100% accurate.

Campaigners don't have time to listen to every single phone call you complete. It's best if they have great notes that summarize the important pieces of information from your call. Make sure your notes are clear and complete.

Build rapport! Sales isn't just about getting the answers to a few questions. It's about building a relationship. You're one of the first people a lead will talk to for a company. Make sure you're always energetic and making the lead feel great about doing business with the company you're representing.

Script Adherence
We don't want you to read a script word for word. That sounds awful and leads can see right through it. Make the script your own, just make sure the information you say is accurate. Don't go too far off script.

Your ability to speak clearly, with confidence and not ramble on is vital to building trust with a lead. If you don't sound like you know what you're doing, they won't want to stay on the phone with you.

If you're talking, you're not selling. Sales is all about uncovering people's needs. The only way to do that is to ask open-ended questions and listen for the clues they will give you. If you're listening closely, they will tell you how to close them.

We monitor the number of calls where you reach an IVR or automated phone tree and give up. This is a wasted call. Campaigners don't like feeling like their leads are wasted. Make sure you're always trying everything you can to reach a live person.

There are some things you must say and some things you can't say. Make sure you're always complying with laws and other regulations when on the phone.

Appointments must be 100% accurate. You're blocking off time during someone's busy day. Don't make them waste it by scheduling an appointment incorrectly.

Use your resources to help you answer questions the lead may ask. Deflect if the answer to a question isn't available.

Success Rate
This is the percentage of people you were able to qualify out of the total number of people you spoke to.

Bad Audio
A bad phone connection is just as bad as a bad pitch. We'll keep an eye on your audio quality to help you ensure you know when your phone connection is not up to par.

Our Upcallers (that's you!) are the best of the best. That means our Campaigners expect the best results. Keeping your thumbs up rating above 90% will help ensure they keep you on their campaigns.

Average Duration
Keep the calls short and to the point. But don't make is sound impersonal. 5 minutes is plenty of time to build rapport with a lead and qualify them. Shoot for this benchmark and you'll be doing just fine.

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