We call leads within minutes of our clients sending those leads to our system. We also call leads several times over the course of the week. That means, if we call a lead on Monday and don't get ahold of them, we'll call them again. This means plenty of opportunities for Upcallers to call out and earn money!

Here's a bit more detail into how leads enter the Upcall call queues.

Leads will come to Upcall during all times of the day. This is because Upcall is linked directly with our client's lead sources. So, when a new lead visits their website, or clicks on their add, or even fills out a webform, that lead is instantly sent to Upcall. 

Because of this seamless integration, it's best to be online and ready for a call all the time. The earlier you log on, the more leads you'll have access to.

People will typically engage with different ads on their way to work, during lunch, and after work. These are also great times to log on as more leads, means more calling opportunities.

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