It's a great idea to familiarize yourself with a campaign's script before you start calling. Take a few minutes and practice it aloud. Make sure you know what to say for each response you may get. 

It's also a good idea to review any links or FAQs the Campaigner provided. This way you're not caught off-guard when a customer asks you a question. 

Here's how to find the script:

Click on My Campaigns at the top of the page

Find the campaign you want to work on and click the Call Now button on the right. 

*Pro-tip: Sort the page by Status to easily find the campaigns that are open and ready for calling

The next page will give you information about the campaign objectives, some instructions on how to conduct yourself on the calls, as well as info about the company you're calling for. After you've reviewed the info on this page, click the big green Call Now button (don't worry, you won't start calling just yet).

The page you'll be taken to will show you the script and the questions you need to ask each lead.

When you're ready to begin calling, click the big green Call button again.

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